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English april 2007.
(Self Financed)

Shadowlord comes from Holland and they aren't a new band in the scene. They formed back in the middle nineties and so far they have release a demo CD, a mini CD and their debut album. “Batavorum” is their second album which was released last year. In this work they have included eight tracks and a video clip too.

The band has seven members with dual male and female vocals, two axemen and so on. From the opening track and throughout the album, Shadowlord walks in symphonic black metal paths with some elements from death and thrash metal too. Actually if you listen carefully to their music you will hear all their influences.
Their compositions are well worked even if I believe some times you can lose your attention. I think that they can write even better and well tight songs in the future

The fact that they have two singers gives them the ability to make their music arrangements more theatrical. I am sure that the fans of DIMMU BORGIR will adore the stuff from Shadowlord. I don't know how far they can go but at least they offer as an above average album!

Antonis  Maglaras  
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