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Bat. MetalRage Review 90%

Batavorum cd 2006
Batavorum Arch Angels Fall Mp3
Batavorum Batavodurum MP3

Batavorum CD  
Scourge of Heaven cd 2003
Storming the Western Gates Mp3

Scourge of Heaven CD  
Shadowlord Empire Cd 2000
Ressurection of a demon Warrior Mp3

Shadowlord Empire MCD  
The Armageddon Demo 1999
The Armageddon Mp3

  Sampler Cd's  

Nijmegen Rock City Sampler 1
Released 2011
Digital cd, click image to go to the website
song: Arch Angels Fall

Nijmegen Rock City  

Blown to Pieces 3 Sampler 2005
song: Storming the Western Gates

Blown to pieces  

Ancient Ceremonies Magazine
Sampler 2002
Song : Burn the Witches

Ancient Ceremonies