april 2003
Dave (USA) WestsideDave

Hailing from the Netherlands, Scourge of Heaven" is the second release from melodic Death 7-piece [!] Shadowlord. Having weathered several line-up changes since their formation in 1995, the band`s latest offering is a triumph, both in terms of composition AND production, all the more remarkable considering this is very much a "do-it-yourself" project and NOT bankrolled by a major label! Featuring both male and female vocals, as well as keyboards as a prominent instrument, Shadowlord`s style could be categorized as high velocity, melodic/symphonic black metal that combines modern Black/Death metal with some gothic [not "Goth"] overtones. But unlike many other bands mining the same dark territory, Shadowlord knows the value of creating a mood, not just being fast and brutal for it`s own sake. "Scourge of Heaven" features plenty of speed, power and death to satisfy the blackest Metal heart, yet at the same time has an uncanny knack for writing songs that are at once dark, powerful, and heavy, with beautiful, haunting passages that blend in perfectly with the brutal stuff flawlessly; not an easy thing to do! Each song flows seamlessly into the next, a sure sign that great care was take in the song-writing process. The band is tight as hell, and the individual musicianship is highly skilled in their art, and know when to cut loose and when to hold back. Expect to hear great things from this group! For more information, check out the links below!

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